Closer Look Imaging offers arthrogram studies to exam the health of patients' joints. Joints typically examined are the shoulder, hip, and knee. Contrast material in the affected area allows our radiologists to see the soft tissue structures, such as tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage, and the joint capsule. This allows us to identify structures that are we are not able to see on a plain MRI or X-Ray, which improves patient outcomes.

Reasons for an arthrogram is performed:

  • To identify problems in your joint capsule, ligaments, cartilage (including tears, degeneration, or disease), and the bones in the joint.
  • To identify abnormal growths or fluid-filled cysts.
  • To check needle placement before injecting a painkiller, such as a corticosteroid injection.

All other screening questions will be asked by our staff at the time of scheduling as well as the time of your exam.